The Sacredness of Silly

Hello Beautiful Spirit! This is going to be a short post today, just to remind you to have fun and laugh! It’s easy to become very serious when you’re on a spiritual path, especially if you are constantly monitoring yourself to see how well you are integrating all of your spiritual work. Are you making […]

How to Clear a Limiting belief

Hello Wonderful Spirit! Have you ever felt that your life wasn’t working in some way, but couldn’t figure out why? The culprit may be an unconscious belief that is limiting your life and holding you back. I recently worked with a client who just couldn’t seem to make things happen in his life. He understood […]

Where does the Spiritual Path Lead?

Hello my Beautiful Friend, Have you awakened and are wondering what this new spirituality is all about? First, congratulations on your awakening. Please know that you are in great company! A New Era for Mankind– This is an important time for mankind. All of humanity is awakening and evolving into a higher, brighter, more peaceful and […]