How to Clear a Limiting belief

Hello Wonderful Spirit!

Have you ever felt that your life wasn’t working in some way, but couldn’t figure out why?

The culprit may be an unconscious belief that is limiting your life and holding you back.

I recently worked with a client who just couldn’t seem to make things happen in his life. He understood the rules of manifesting and practiced the Law of Attraction, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Things never went as he hoped no matter how hard he tried. He was ‘thisclose’ to getting a new job, only to be told it had been put on hold. Work on his new house kept getting delayed,  and his clients were frequently unreliable.

It became obvious that some invisible force was at work. After some digging, we discovered that he was holding a belief that things would never go the way he wanted. (He was able to recall that his father held that belief, too.)

Once this belief was uncovered it was easy to fix. He consciously chose a much more positive belief, and his life really turned around!

Invisible Roadblocks

Our beliefs shape our worlds. In fact, they determine what will and will not be a part of our worlds.

Beliefs act like commands that we put out to the Universe. If you don’t believe that something is possible for you, it’s the same as telling the Universe, “Don’t bring this to me.”

The Universe is always happy to answer our commands, and that is why nothing went the way my client wanted. The Universe won’t violate our beliefs!

Essentially, limiting beliefs act like invisible roadblocks. They can keep us from reaching our goals, or even from trying for them. They also can keep us small and unfulfilled.

Amazing Things Can Happen!

Have you ever read stories of people– or maybe even know of someone yourself– who went from very bleak circumstances to amazing successes?

These are people who had incredible faith in life and in ‘The Universe.’ They believed in the power of their beliefs and that things could turn around for them.  And so things did.

Amazing things become possible for us when we’re able to uncover and transform the beliefs that are holding us back! Life can turn on a dime when we fully believe that it’s possible.

How Limiting Beliefs are Born

Limiting beliefs can be passed down to us by authority figures when we’re young , as was the case with my client. Repeating events in our lives also can cause us to create limiting beliefs.

When a situation seems to keep happening, we may begin to tell ourselves, ‘This is just the way things are.’  But the truth is, it’s not the way things have to be.

Once we draw conclusions (beliefs) about life based upon what we see in our reality, they become commands to the Universe.

And negative beliefs can become very self-defeating!

‘I will be single all my life,’ when one has trouble finding a partner; or  ‘I’m not smart enough to get a good job,’ after missing out on a couple of job opportunities.

But you can dramatically change your life by examining your beliefs and weeding out those that aren’t helpful.

Uncovering Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can be hard to find. And the reason is that, well, we believe them. We think they are true so we don’t question them.

We often have been living with our beliefs for so long that they feel like a part of us. They can become part of our identity and that can make them particularly challenging to uncover. And strangely, it also can feel disruptive to change them.

But don’t worry, you can do this!

The easiest way to find a limiting belief is to look at the areas in your life that you don’t think are working well.

Are there things that you want to do that seem impossible?

Are there events or situations in your life that keep happening over and over in ways you don’t want?

Are there successes that seem to stay out of reach?

What is the common denominator among those things? What is the common thread that runs through them?

Or, what is the first fear or thought that comes to mind when you think about  them?

Emotional Wounds

Some limiting beliefs have deeper roots, such as the beliefs one isn’t worthy or isn’t lovable. These are more obvious and most people know if they have them.

Beliefs such as these are often based in emotional wounds that occurred at some point in their past.

These types of beliefs can seem painful and challenging to uproot. But healing them can be tremendously rewarding– and it can be done!

Fears are more obvious limiting beliefs that block us. There is the common fear of failure that can be very crippling. And the fears of rejection, success, not being loved or liked, and  embarrassment, follow closely behind.

Most of us can relate to at least one of them. I know I can!

Self-fulfilling Prophecies

When I asked my client if he might be holding a belief that things never go the way he wants, he said, ‘Well yes, that’s because they don’t!’  That seemed like an obvious truth to him.

However, he didn’t realize that he was unconsciously creating this in his life. His belief had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Every time the Universe answered his request to have things not work out, he saw that as evidence that his belief was true– and so had no reason to question it!

Is It True?

You’ve completed the hardest step in this process once you’ve identified the limiting belief .

The next step is to ask, ‘Is this really true?’

Examine where the belief came from. Was this something you were taught to believe by a parent? Was it the result of a painful experience in your past?

Then take a close look to see if this belief really makes sense. Does it have to be true? Is it true for others?  If it isn’t, then it probably doesn’t have to be true for you.

Now you are almost home-free! You can recognize the belief when it comes up, and understand that you don’t need to believe it any longer.

Affirmations can help lock in the new positive belief that you do want. Think: what is the positive gift I would like from the Universe?

What is possible for you?

I hope you feel inspired to tackle any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back!

It is true that if you change your beliefs you can change your life. It absolutely is possible for you to clear limiting beliefs and find the success and fulfillment you are looking for!

I am trained to help people clear blocks to reach their goals. Please call or email me to schedule a session if you would like help with this . As always, I would be honored to assist you on your path!

I wish you well on your journey!


Please leave a comment describing your successes in clearing limiting beliefs or fears!