A New Approach to Solving Problems

Hello Beautiful Spirit!

Do you sometimes feel as if you leap frog from one problem to the next? As soon as one is solved two more take its place?

That’s pretty much how I used to feel. It didn’t really get me down. I just was used to problems being a part of my life. There always seemed to be a few on my plate.

Maybe not…

That changed dramatically one evening when I was reading some notes by Osho on Taoism. He said that problems are a tool the ego uses to control us. He believes that the ego creates ‘problems’ so that it can feel good when it solves them. That makes the ego feel worthy. It gets a sense of achievement and satisfaction when it solves problems.

Osho claimed that in reality, no problems truly exist.

I remember feeling so stunned by that thought, I dropped the book.

Was it possible that in truth I had no problems? What if everything I believed to be a problem, was not?

I considered all the ‘problems’ I had at that moment. And I could see the possibility that maybe they weren’t. Could Osho be right?  Had I been duped by my ego all these years?

Put to the test

I volunteered at a thrift shop the next day. I always arrived early in order to have plenty of time to straighten and stock the register area. Bags were one of the biggest needs we had. We went through a couple hundred every day.

The shop relies on bags that volunteers drop off in the break room, and that are emptied in the sorting area.  We usually had loads of bags.

Not this day.

The last shift had used up almost all the bags at the registers. Not a big deal, I thought, I’ll get some in the break room. However, that was not to be. It turned out that some very energetic person had decided to recycle them.

OK, I told myself, not a big deal. There are always bags in the sorting area.

Nope. The bag bins were empty there, too, apparently taken to recycling along with the others.

Houston, we have a problem!

Anxiety was starting to set in. What was I going to do?

There.Were.No.Bags. This was a serious problem!

As soon as the word ‘problem’ crossed my mind, I remembered Osho’s words: there are no problems. (Clearly, Osho had not had to materialize a couple hundred bags out of thin air an hour before a thrift shop opened!)

Then I decided to put Osho’s theory to the test. I finished setting up the register area and refused to worry about bags. Affirmations manifesting that customers would drop off some of their extra bags when we opened became my momentary mantra (customers did this from time to time).

I also pictured the registers fully stocked with bags, exactly as I wanted them to be.

This was NOT going to be a problem!


Unbelievably, two customers dropped off handfuls of their extra bags in the first hour the shop was open (the timing was incredible).

Then one hour later, a volunteer walked up to me while I was in the break room and handed me a huge black trash bag filled with the smaller bags we needed.  ‘Here you go!’ he said.

I was stunned. How was that possible? This volunteer had no way of knowing that we were in need of bags. And how was it that he brought them into the break room while I was there and then handed them to me?

Osho was right.

Problems are only problems when we decide that they are!

The Hitch

It’s interesting how much we rely on our human minds, which beings in the divine realm refer to as our ‘small minds.’ We think we can figure everything out by ourselves thanks to the ego that wants to thump its chest!

And when we can’t figure something out, we usually turn to the small mind of someone else to see if they have an answer!

If that other small mind can’t figure it out? Then it usually becomes a ‘problem.’

The hitch is that when we decide something is a ‘problem,’ it effectively is decreeing to the Universe that no easy answer exists.  And the Universe will not violate our decrees.

So we are telling the Universe not to provide us with a solution when we declare something to be a ‘problem’! 

Our Small Minds vs. The Great Mind

But the solution is still there, even if you and I can’t see it.

Think of it this way: Is it possible for there to be a problem so great that even our Highest Self could not figure it out?

‘Problems’ do not exist in the divine realm. And they don’t exist in our worlds either, unless we choose to create them. Nothing happens in our worlds for which there is not a solution!

Does that sound unbelievable?

The REAL Problem

The real ‘problem’ is that we frequently and unknowingly cut ourselves off from the flow of solutions that is always available to us from the Higher Mind of God.

Picture the abundance and good that is always flowing from our God Self as a waterfall.  We are standing under the waterfall of good, abundance, and the perfect answers to our ‘problems’  when we align with our Divine Self and seek Its Wisdom!

However, we essentially are stepping out from beneath the flow of that waterfall onto dry land when we rely only upon our small minds to come up with solutions or declare something to be a ‘problem.’

We need to remember to look to the Great Mind of the Highest Self for the best answer, rather than to the small mind.

This simply may mean going into your heart and calling on your God Self to provide His/Her Perfect solution!

Some Problems may be Intended for a Soul’s Growth

Some ‘problems’ are planned into a person’s life for the purpose of that soul’s growth. This is especially true for any serious ‘accidents’ or illnesses.

There are no true accidents or random occurrences according to spirit, despite appearances. This can be challenging to accept, especially when someone we love is involved.

The best response in these situations is to hold the vision of the outcome we’d like to see, and support our loved one the best we can. Most of us do this without a second thought.

But it can help to remember that every event is an opportunity for spiritual growth, and is actually a positive experience on that level for all concerned.

Stepping Out of Our Own Way

Very often, we think we know what is best for us. We usually have our own ideas of the way we’d like things to work out, which can create a challenge in hearing the solution from our God Self.

“As long as I can still do this, and such and such doesn’t have to happen, and Bill doesn’t find out, then it will work.”

However, our God Selves see the entire universe, know everything that is going on and all that is set to come into our lives. Our small minds see only a fraction of that.

The truth is, we don’t always know what is in our best interest.

This means we have to TRUST, and let go of the wants of the ego and small mind!

How to Find Answers

Step one:  We need to stop declaring things as ‘problems,’ which keeps us in the flow of answers. ‘Situations’ might be a better label. Know the answer is there and only needs to be accessed by you.

Step two:  Turn the situation over to your God Self, and trust that the answer will be provided, even though it may not be exactly what you prefer. Ask to be guided to the solution that is in the best interest for all concerned.

Step three: Hold a picture in your mind of the ideal or perfect outcome you would like.  Don’t concern yourself with how it will happen (leave that to your Higher Self), simply envision the best end result that you can.

Step four: Don’t worry about it! Be at peace that this has been turned over to your Highest Divine Self and will be taken care of. Let go and trust!

Worrying or fussing sends a message to the Universe that you don’t believe it will provide for you.

Step five: Watch for guidance or things coming into your life that offer solutions. Guidance might come through things mentioned in a conversation that point you in a particular direction, or something similar. Answers also may just show up, as happened with the bags at the thrift shop.

Step six: Stay in gratitude and in a positive mindset, knowing that the solution is on its way.

Did I mention to be in gratitude?  🙂

It also is always wonderful to go into your heart and connect with your Highest Divine Self. Your God Self walks with you always. S/He hears your every thought, knows each of your feelings, and all of your worries. Share your concerns and wishes with Him, and simply BE with Him!

This is the relationship that leads to ascension.

Have you tried this process and has it worked for you? Please feel free to leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!

I wish you well on your journey!





What’s Important to Learn on the Spiritual Path

Hello Beautiful Spirit!

How do you feel you are doing on your path so far?

Are you ever confused or uncertain about what you need to do and learn?

For instance, do you wonder if it’s important to learn Reiki, or to understand the world of crystals? Do you feel you need to find out about your past lives? Or to master tarot cards?

A new Universe opens

It felt as if an entirely new dimension opened before me when I first awakened. It was like discovering a new universe. And for some crazy reason I thought I needed to study every bit of it and experience all of it. (I figured I’d made it through college– I could handle this!)

And It was dazzling!

The spiritual world took my breath away. So much to learn (or so I thought)! So much to master (or so I thought)! And it all seemed so exciting!

I scrambled to join spirituality meetup groups, and discovered spirituality expos that were filled with psychics, tarot card readers, and vendors selling everything from aura photos and crystals to palm readings.

I bought decks of  tarot cards, crystals, and had aura photos taken.

I studied Reiki I and II, and had frequent readings with psychics, healers, and channels. A shaman guided me through five past life regressions, and I took classes that promised to develop psychic skills. Online courses in the study of chakra healing and cleansing were also squeezed in.

And my shelves soon filled with books on Buddhism, angels, Taoism, and energy healing.

It was fascinating, and also overwhelming!

But does mastering spiritual information make you a more spiritual person?

I naively thought that by learning as much as I could about these tools and techniques I would become a more spiritual person. Wouldn’t mastering all that information would make me a Master?

Alas, it was not that easy!

The spiritual path has less to do with information—and more to do with transformation.

After much hard work, reading and studying, I didn’t feel much different. I realized I had learned a lot about many facets of spiritual life, but had not actually progressed myself!

There still were many regrets and bad feelings that needed to be released. I was still judging myself and others, getting angry, and was aware of places within that were hurting.

I realized then that the goal is not to master all the spiritual tools and techniques themselves, but to use them as needed to become the master of one’s self.

What exactly is the work of The Path?

The real work that was needed was to heal emotional wounds and release any negative feelings — grief, guilt, shame, resentments, fears and anger– that were making it hard for me to love.

It involves peeling away, healing, and rising above all the habits, patterns and emotional wounds of our ‘lower’ selves (the ego), such as the habits of judgment and feelings of not being good enough.

This is the real work of the spiritual path: to replace any inner negativity with love, so we can become an expression of our true divine selves.

The things outside of us, such as tarot cards, readings, and healing sessions, are only helpful when used to heal or further our journey inward. Some people don’t need them at all—it’s different for each.

This means that discovering one’s authentic self is truly a unique, personal and individual journey. And there is no one right way to go about it!

What will help you transform?

What are the right tools for you to help with your transformation?

Focus your attention on whatever you feel drawn to. That’s your soul saying, ‘Yes, this is for you!” Pay attention to guidance that comes into your path, such as books a friend mentions or a random email that ends up in your inbox advertising a special course or webinar.

Go into your heart and ask if that is meant for you. If you feel drawn to it or excited about it that is usually your soul nudging you toward it.

Some people are drawn to Reiki and other healing modalities. Some are drawn to study ancient paths. Others feel a strong resonance with toning, drumming, or crystal bowls.

It is all about discovering what helps you feel that inner connection to your Divine Self.

And the more you are able to heal wounds and clear limiting beliefs, the better you will be able to make that connection and express your Higher Self.

All We Really Need to Know

Thus, at the end of the day, you don’t need to know how to read tarot cards, know your past lives, or how to channel. They are options, not requirements.

What you do need to know is how to forgive yourself and others.

You do need to love all aspects of yourself and have compassion, love and forgiveness for everyone and all parts of life (yes, even the customer service numbers that leave you on hold for hours! 🙂 ).

What truly matters is how much you can love.

The important thing is to follow your heart, not the crowd.

So find the things that help you feel that deeper connection to your divine self. Find the things that help you heal your emotional wounds.

And then watch yourself soar!

That’s the real journey!

Find your own path and your own way. It’s the only one that matters.

As a coach, I am trained to help clear limiting beliefs, fears, and old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Please consider a session if you feel you need help with this. I would be honored to be a part of your process.

I wish you well on your journey!


What is your biggest challenge on your spiritual path?  Please share share in the comment section below.

Where does the Spiritual Path Lead?

Hello my Beautiful Friend,

Have you awakened and are wondering what this new spirituality is all about?

First, congratulations on your awakening. Please know that you are in great company!

A New Era for Mankind–

This is an important time for mankind. All of humanity is awakening and evolving into a higher, brighter, more peaceful and loving era called a Golden Age.  We are shifting into the 5th dimension! The transition won’t occur overnight and is a process that will take many years. We are in the early stages–but we are on our way!

What is going to change?

Can you imagine a world in which everyone honors and respects each other?  Can you imagine a world in which people are kind and loving and respect all life?

That is where humanity is headed!

The 5th dimension isn’t a place, but is a new way of being. We won’t look different but will live from our hearts instead of our minds, and will feel differently (much better!).

In this new way of being we’ll be guided by love rather than our own personal interests. We will have a greater sense of unity and community.

Everyone will be aware of and feel connected to his God-self and will manifest God’s plan on the New Earth (or however you choose to refer to the Highest Divine Power).

Harmony, peace, abundance, forgiveness, acceptance (no judgment!) and God’s Perfection will be the order of the new day.

Left behind will be the illusion of separation from God and all the ugliness that man has created for himself in this third dimension, such as greed, brutality, selfishness, poverty and lack.

It will be wonderful!

How will we get there?

While we are moving in that direction, it might be a bit of a bumpy ride. Right now we are in the process of transitioning. People are still awakening to their Divine Truth. The phase we are going through presently is that of cleansing and healing any negativity that is not in alignment with this new way of being.

Right now a lot of people are concerned about the state of the world. They look around and see what seems like chaos and much that is upsetting. However, in order to cleanse we first need to see everything that needs this work. (Remember, humanity itself must go through this process.)

Thus, all parts of humanity that do not align with this 5th dimensional way of being are surfacing for all to see. And that is a good thing! Think of it as a cleaning out of humanity’s ‘closet.’

When it is complete we will be left with a much more beautiful and peaceful world.

How can we be sure this will happen?

Man alone isn’t capable of this monumental task. However, it will be successful because the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and many, many Beings of Light from many dimensions  and worlds are orchestrating this process. It is Divinely Directed!

What do you need to do?

Do you remember the expression “Think global, act local?”  It was popular several years ago when people began to adopt a higher environmental consciousness.  And that’s similar to the way we need to think right now.

Humanity is made up of individuals, so each person must go through the cleansing and healing process himself. You are the only one who can heal and cleanse your inner self. Others may be able to assist in some ways, but ultimately, the job is yours!

Thus, the most important task each has is to cleanse and heal any personal darkness or shadows that may be hiding within himself.

‘Darkness’ and ‘shadows’ refer to any thoughts, feelings or beliefs you hold that are not aligned with your Higher Self, or God-self. This often includes feelings of low self-worth, lack of self-love, judgment of yourself and others, beliefs that you aren’t good enough or aren’t capable of great achievements, among others.

It also includes healing fear.

We are moving into an age in which Love will reign, and fear is the opposite of Love. Thus, we won’t be able to shift into this higher dimension if we are fearful of life in any way (think: fear of failure, of success, of not being loved, etc.).

If every person cleanses and heals himself, humanity as a whole will be healed!

Where to go for help?

If all of that sounds like an impossible feat–don’t despair! We are getting an amazing amount of help from the Divine. Angels, Guides, Masters, and countless Beings of Light are making themselves available to help us all through this transition.

Remember, we are all going through this process. You are not alone!

And because you are here right now, it is part of your life plan that you succeed. We will all succeed!

I am so glad you have awakened and are on The Path. I would love to help you through this part of your journey. Please call to schedule a session.

You also have your own guides and angels who are eager to help as well. Don’t hesitate to call on them– they are there for you, ready and willing!

I will be posting many more articles on the healing and clearing process, so please return if you feel you need help.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please leave a comment sharing your greatest challenge now that you are awake– I would love to hear from you!

I wish you well on your journey!