Where does the Spiritual Path Lead?

Hello my Beautiful Friend,

Have you awakened and are wondering what this new spirituality is all about?

First, congratulations on your awakening. Please know that you are in great company!

A New Era for Mankind–

This is an important time for mankind. All of humanity is awakening and evolving into a higher, brighter, more peaceful and loving era called a Golden Age.  We are shifting into the 5th dimension! The transition won’t occur overnight and is a process that will take many years. We are in the early stages–but we are on our way!

What is going to change?

Can you imagine a world in which everyone honors and respects each other?  Can you imagine a world in which people are kind and loving and respect all life?

That is where humanity is headed!

The 5th dimension isn’t a place, but is a new way of being. We won’t look different but will live from our hearts instead of our minds, and will feel differently (much better!).

In this new way of being we’ll be guided by love rather than our own personal interests. We will have a greater sense of unity and community.

Everyone will be aware of and feel connected to his God-self and will manifest God’s plan on the New Earth (or however you choose to refer to the Highest Divine Power).

Harmony, peace, abundance, forgiveness, acceptance (no judgment!) and God’s Perfection will be the order of the new day.

Left behind will be the illusion of separation from God and all the ugliness that man has created for himself in this third dimension, such as greed, brutality, selfishness, poverty and lack.

It will be wonderful!

How will we get there?

While we are moving in that direction, it might be a bit of a bumpy ride. Right now we are in the process of transitioning. People are still awakening to their Divine Truth. The phase we are going through presently is that of cleansing and healing any negativity that is not in alignment with this new way of being.

Right now a lot of people are concerned about the state of the world. They look around and see what seems like chaos and much that is upsetting. However, in order to cleanse we first need to see everything that needs this work. (Remember, humanity itself must go through this process.)

Thus, all parts of humanity that do not align with this 5th dimensional way of being are surfacing for all to see. And that is a good thing! Think of it as a cleaning out of humanity’s ‘closet.’

When it is complete we will be left with a much more beautiful and peaceful world.

How can we be sure this will happen?

Man alone isn’t capable of this monumental task. However, it will be successful because the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and many, many Beings of Light from many dimensions  and worlds are orchestrating this process. It is Divinely Directed!

What do you need to do?

Do you remember the expression “Think global, act local?”  It was popular several years ago when people began to adopt a higher environmental consciousness.  And that’s similar to the way we need to think right now.

Humanity is made up of individuals, so each person must go through the cleansing and healing process himself. You are the only one who can heal and cleanse your inner self. Others may be able to assist in some ways, but ultimately, the job is yours!

Thus, the most important task each has is to cleanse and heal any personal darkness or shadows that may be hiding within himself.

‘Darkness’ and ‘shadows’ refer to any thoughts, feelings or beliefs you hold that are not aligned with your Higher Self, or God-self. This often includes feelings of low self-worth, lack of self-love, judgment of yourself and others, beliefs that you aren’t good enough or aren’t capable of great achievements, among others.

It also includes healing fear.

We are moving into an age in which Love will reign, and fear is the opposite of Love. Thus, we won’t be able to shift into this higher dimension if we are fearful of life in any way (think: fear of failure, of success, of not being loved, etc.).

If every person cleanses and heals himself, humanity as a whole will be healed!

Where to go for help?

If all of that sounds like an impossible feat–don’t despair! We are getting an amazing amount of help from the Divine. Angels, Guides, Masters, and countless Beings of Light are making themselves available to help us all through this transition.

Remember, we are all going through this process. You are not alone!

And because you are here right now, it is part of your life plan that you succeed. We will all succeed!

I am so glad you have awakened and are on The Path. I would love to help you through this part of your journey. Please call to schedule a session.

You also have your own guides and angels who are eager to help as well. Don’t hesitate to call on them– they are there for you, ready and willing!

I will be posting many more articles on the healing and clearing process, so please return if you feel you need help.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please leave a comment sharing your greatest challenge now that you are awake– I would love to hear from you!

I wish you well on your journey!





The Third Spiritual Truth for Transformation

Hello Beautiful Soul!

After I had a spiritual awakening, I discovered three major truths about life. They radically changed my own life and the way I view the world. I’m sharing them with you in these first three posts.

This is the story of my discovery of the third spiritual truth.

Life’s Deeper Meaning–

Do you sometimes get the sense that there is a deeper meaning to your life but you can’t quite figure out what it is? I walked around like that for years…

Then, after discovering the first two spiritual truths, the deeper meaning became clear!

Our lives have two important levels: one is for the management of our day-to-day activities, and the other is the reason that they are the way they are, which is to help us grow in special ways.

The events in our lives are not random. The people we meet, the way others treat us, and our life events do have a higher meaning and purpose. They are all intended to help us grow on our spiritual paths!

The Transformation

The Third Spiritual Truth for Transformation: every life event holds a Spiritual Gift.

Every person comes into his life to receive special Gifts. The Gifts are decided upon before we are born, and our lives are designed to bring our Gifts to us. They are all opportunities for spiritual growth.

Every lifetime is built around specific goals that a soul hopes to achieve. The goals are many!  Some might be to find feelings of self-love or self-worth, or to find inner strength and to stand up for oneself. Others might be to face and overcome a great personal fear, or to find compassion. There are many possibilities.

The Gifts help us strip away our false beliefs about ourselves and others. They move us closer to becoming an expression of our God-self, which is Love, compassion, patience and forgiveness, among other beautiful attributes.

The Gifts always call on us to move into our hearts.

The Funny Thing–

It’s funny, because so many still want to live only on the first level of life and pursue life’s material pleasures. That’s the easy path, but is also the least fulfilling. It’s amusing because our souls don’t care how much money we make or what kind of car we drive. (No one has ever been  turned away from ‘Heaven’ for not owning a Lexus!) And most of us have heard stories that the richest people are those whose lives are filled with love rather than money.

And of course, “You can’t take it with you when you die.”

That’s true–except for one thing: we do take our spiritual growth with us!

That’s why it is so important that we pay attention to the events in our lives and heed the ways they are calling on us to grow. It is the most important part of our journey through life. It’s the real reason we are here.

What can go wrong?

There are two things that can derail us from our spiritual path: either ignoring the spiritual path altogether, or else refusing to accept responsibility for our spiritual growth.

The Gifts challenge us to grow– which means we must change!

If we are to evolve on our spiritual paths, we must change. And sometimes that can be uncomfortable. It means we may have to look at ourselves and see things we don’t want to see, such as negative feelings or fears we don’t want to face.

Problems can arise if we find that too uncomfortable and resist the change we are being called on to make. We may find ourselves in a ‘groundhog day’ situation, when events seem to repeat themselves.

An example of this might be a person who continually makes friends with people who don’t treat him well. He might think it’s just because people in general aren’t very nice. But he is being called to take a hard look at himself and the relationships in his life, and to understand why that is happening. He can resist as long as he likes, but his life situation won’t improve until he is ready to change and grow.

How do we know when we are being asked to grow?

Life acts as a mirror to our inner world. It provides a way for us to see where we are shining and where we need to correct course.

Everything in your life right now is a reflection of your inner world. If you are wonderfully happy–congratulations! Wherever you are not happy in your life is what you need to focus on.

In the example above, the man is not happy with his friend relationships. If we view that from the perspective that his outer world is a mirror of his inner world, then it may be that the people in his life who aren’t treating him well are reflecting back to him his own feelings of low self-worth. Moving into self-love and valuing himself more might go a long way to resolving his situation. It also will likely bring him more happiness.

Emotional Pain

We can also look at the situations in our lives that are causing us emotional pain. Pain is a great motivator to change and grow. It pushes us to try to heal and resolve whatever is causing it.  Sometimes we have to reach a real low point for that to happen. That’s because if our pain isn’t very great we usually will simply manage it instead of making the changes that are needed.

Do you have questions about the spiritual purposes behind the events in your life?

Please don’t worry if you do. There is really no possibility of failure (spirit is very patient– thank goodness!). We may veer off the path or take a short side trip, but our guides in spirit are very good at bringing us back on course.

You are a beautiful soul! Love, compassion, and forgiveness are all parts of your true essence which is your Higher Self or soul.

You simply are  being asked to remember your truth and return to it now.

The Gifts are intended to help us peel off the layers of forgetfulness so that we can once again become expressions of our Higher Self.

I would love to help you with this process! Please call to schedule a session.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment–I would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with this.

I wish you well on your journey!