Happy Clients

I have had the great pleasure to work with Anne over the last 6 months. From the very beginning Anne’s compassion and empathy gave me a feeling of great comfort to reveal my personal challenges and struggles.  Her wisdom and guidance of how to get me in touch with my inner knowing was wonderful.  She helped me to identify and clarify my goals and guided me on how to set them in to action.  Through her help I felt empowered and motivated.  Anne is a beautiful human being with a lot to give to anyone she encounters.  Thank-you!

Vera, California

Anne has a wonderful talent of blending her spiritual knowledge with years of actual experience, to provide great spiritual advice.  She has given me much clarity on my path!

Barbara, North Carolina

With just 7 sessions with Anne, I have become much closer to God and gained psychological insights.  I didn’t know what to expect when we started. I am an LCSW with decades of experience and certified as a spiritual director. I have done a lot of this kind of work!  But what I got from Anne was so special.  She is laid back in her work, it seemed as if I was just talking, then Anne would sum it all up and make sense of it spiritually, and give me a direction to use the Spirit to deal with day to day problems.  It was some of the best time I have ever spent!

Margo, North Carolina

Every time I connect with Anne, I’m amazed at what I learn.  She has a way of looking at things that is unique and different from my own, and I’m always left on a high note of inspiration to dig deeper into myself. She inspires me with ways to self-reflect, which in turn help me keep growing.  I’m always grateful for the insight she sheds on my life, and for her loving, caring demeanor.  Anne’s spiritual journey has taught her so much and I’m excited for her to guide others with her bright light!

Melissa, North Carolina

I am so grateful! Thank you for your feedback! I will be reading over your reply several times as it contains a lot of valuable insight.  I admire how you were able to provide me with such insight considering how little information you have about me and my background.  Thank you for pinpointing something specific, that way I have something to focus on as far as self searching is concerned.

Anne, Canada