The First Spiritual Truth for Transformation

Hello Beautiful Soul!

After I had a spiritual awakening, I discovered three major truths about life. They radically changed my own life and the way I view the world. I’m sharing them with you in these first three posts.

This is the story of my discovery of the first spiritual truth.

Life’s Defining Moment–

Have you ever had a defining moment in your life, a moment that changed you in such a way that you knew you could never go back to the way you had been?

A moment like that came for me when I learned the First Spiritual Truth. It changed my life forever.

From Survival Mode–

Up to that point, I had been a survivor. I had been raised in a dysfunctional family with parents who abused alcohol. My parents had been so wrapped up in their own problems that they weren’t able to give me the love and attention I needed to really thrive.

I assumed that it must have been because I was damaged in some way– why else would my parents not love me more? I went through much of my adult life with low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth. I had few friends, because I did not expect other people to like me. Why would they? I saw myself as damaged and not lovable.

And I blamed my parents for what I saw as the failure of my life, both for me as a person and for the lack of success in anything I undertook. If only they had loved me more. If only they had nurtured me more and spent more time with me! Then my life would be different and better.

I lived in victimhood for the first 50 years of my life! But my life and world turned upside-down when a friend gave me a copy of the book, Your Soul’s Plan, by Robert Schwartz.

To Transformation–

The First Spiritual Truth for Transformation: we are responsible for every aspect of our lives.

To my very great surprise, I learned from this book that every soul goes through a planning session before coming into a life. During that session, every important aspect of the soul’s earthly life is decided, such as the choice of its parents, its siblings, its sex and sexual orientation, its race and socio-economic status, marriage partners, and whole slew of other characteristics. Little in that life is left to chance.

The soul even contracts with its future parents as to the way it wants to be raised: to be warmly loved, ignored, driven to perfectionism—whatever it wants to experience.

Our Real Purpose–

The book explains that the reason for this is that every soul has very specific objectives it wants to achieve in each of its lives. The purpose of a pre-birth planning session is to set the stage for the achievement of those objectives.

Every person’s life  is designed to achieve its soul’s objectives for spiritual growth.

For instance, if a soul wants to have the experience of finding God in his upcoming life, he might plan to be an alcoholic and to reach such a low point that he turns to God. While we often judge alcoholism to be a human weakness, it actually may have been planned by that person. The book shares an example of this.

The book also explains that the soul may intentionally plan for certain wounds to occur in a person’s life, often in childhood. The purpose is to give that person the opportunity to find a way to heal the wounds, and in the process, to gain wisdom and inner strength.

Life’s New Meaning–

After reading this book, I was forced to look at my own life in this entirely new light. Was it really possible that I was responsible for everything that had happened in my life, including choosing my parents and the way that they had treated me?

Had I really chosen to receive too little love from my parents so that I could find ways to value and love myself later in life? Had these things happened for me, to help me grow spiritually? Was it possible that I wasn’t damaged, and that I could heal?

It was incredible to think about.

The Game We are Playing

And something wonderful awakened within me. I began to feel empowered. I began to see that we are all playing something of a game—a very realistic game, but still a game. We think our purpose here is about what is happening on the surface—what we call life—but there is a whole other level at work, the spiritual level, which holds our real life purpose.

And the first rule of the game is that we are responsible for everything in our lives.

It was life changing! I stepped out of victimhood and into self-empowerment.

(The idea that we plan all the major events of our lives before we are born can seem pretty incredible, especially when we think about people getting cancer or children dying. It can be hard to understand why a soul would desire that. I encourage you to get hold of a copy of Robert’s book. He explains it very beautifully.)

Who are You?

The truth is you are not the ‘character’ you are ‘playing’ in this life. It isn’t the real you! The real you is a beautiful, loving Light, a Child of God, who is here having an experience in a human body. Our job—our spiritual work—is to drop the mask of our ‘character,’ and return to a full awareness and expression of our true Light, the Light of our Soul.

Adopting the perspective that you not your ‘character,’ but a beautiful soul who came into this life to achieve spiritual growth, sets you squarely on top of the spiritual game!

I found it very empowering. I hope you do, too.

Next, the Second Spiritual Truth for Transformation, which helped me open to life!

I would love to help you understand the spiritual challenges for the events in your life. Please call to schedule a session.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to share a comment—I would love to know your thoughts on this perspective!

I wish you well on your journey!

~ Anne

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