The Sacredness of Silly

Hello Beautiful Spirit!

This is going to be a short post today, just to remind you to have fun and laugh!

It’s easy to become very serious when you’re on a spiritual path, especially if you are constantly monitoring yourself to see how well you are integrating all of your spiritual work.

Are you making the right changes? Are you integrating everything properly? Is there anything you’re forgetting to do or to be?

Having fun can be especially challenging if you spend a lot of time reading books on spiritual principles or doing Om meditations (!).

And we forget to laugh!

So this is just a reminder that God is EVERYTHING! And everything includes laughter, joy, silliness, and the fine art of being just plain dumb.

Yes– silly is sacred!

So when you look at yourself and wonder how well you are doing on your path– give yourself a point for every time you did something even a little bit goofy!

If this feels challenging: at the time of this writing, World Market is selling a little plastic gadget called a nose whistle ($2.99). Place it over your nose and blow — and voila — it whistles!  See if you can become accomplished enough to play Yankee Doodle through your nose!

I wish you well on your journey– may it be filled with laughter and joy!  😉




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