The Second Spiritual Truth for Transformation

Hello Wonderful Soul!

After I had a spiritual awakening, I discovered three major truths about life. They radically changed my own life and the way I view the world. I’m sharing them with you in these first three posts.

This is the story of my discovery of the second spiritual truth.

Harboring Hurts–

Has this happened to you–  someone hurt you, or something major occurred in your life that you didn’t want, and ever since you have been carrying around the pain and resentment it caused?

Major hurts aren’t always easy to get rid of. They can stay with us for years if we let them. The worst part is the anger and pain we feel for so long after the events happened.

How We Hurt Ourselves–

Our minds often want to play the what-if game: what if that person hadn’t done this thing? How would my life be different if that hadn’t happened? And then we often blame the other person for what we see as the shortfalls in our lives today. It’s a form of subtle (or not so subtle) torture that we inflict on ourselves.

I spent years immersed in the blame game. I blamed my parents for the shortfalls I saw in my life. I blamed them for my quietness, for my lack of friends and lack of success. I also felt angry with anyone who had treated me badly. I even felt angry with life itself for not having delivered more to me. I had a heart full of anger and what-ifs that I’d been carrying around for years.

Who is really to blame?

But when I discovered the First Spiritual Truth, that we plan everything in our lives and are not the victims of anyone or anything, my anger and blame suddenly had no place to go. Actually, the only place it had to go was to me–I had planned all of it!

Everyone who had treated me badly had done so at my request, to help me grow on my spiritual path.

And a somewhat embarrassing realization hit me: not only was my anger and blame misplaced, but I needed to thank every person who had hurt me. They had done so because I had asked them, as a way of helping me on my spiritual path. I also realized that I needed to forgive them for what they had done.

Blame had no place in this new understanding of my life. I am solely responsible for everything in it.

The Transformation–

The Second Spiritual Truth for Transformation: forgiveness of those who have wronged us.

And a Way to Let Go–

I confess that I did not go up to every person who had hurt me and personally thank and forgive them, but I did do that in a meditation. I pictured each of them, one by one, and forgave them. I also asked for their forgiveness of me for the bad feelings I had felt toward them.

The last person I forgave was me. I needed to forgive myself for having spent years blaming others for what I was responsible for. I also forgave myself for having caused myself so much pain.


And a funny thing happened: my anger, bitterness, and blame disappeared.

I felt lighter and freer. It was as if a weight had been lifted off my chest. I had no idea I’d been carrying that around for years.

It was then possible for me to refocus my life. I wasn’t a victim of bad luck as I had thought. With this new awareness I could now focus on my true purpose:

I had a spiritual job to do, which was to find a way to heal the emotional wounds from my childhood.

Having that clarity was truly uplifting! I finally was on my way!

Do you have the clarity you want?

We  are all beautiful souls who are meant to thrive and be happy! And we are the only ones who can stand in the way of our own happiness.

It is possible for you also to experience emotional freedom by releasing any long held negative feelings. If you would like help with this, I am here for you. As a coach, I have many techniques that can assist with the process.

Next, the Third Spiritual Truth for Transformation, which helped me align with my Divine Self!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment– I would love to hear about your challenges releasing things you want to clear!

I wish you well on your journey!




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