What’s Important to Learn on the Spiritual Path

Hello Beautiful Spirit!

How do you feel you are doing on your path so far?

Are you ever confused or uncertain about what you need to do and learn?

For instance, do you wonder if it’s important to learn Reiki, or to understand the world of crystals? Do you feel you need to find out about your past lives? Or to master tarot cards?

A new Universe opens

It felt as if an entirely new dimension opened before me when I first awakened. It was like discovering a new universe. And for some crazy reason I thought I needed to study every bit of it and experience all of it. (I figured I’d made it through college– I could handle this!)

And It was dazzling!

The spiritual world took my breath away. So much to learn (or so I thought)! So much to master (or so I thought)! And it all seemed so exciting!

I scrambled to join spirituality meetup groups, and discovered spirituality expos that were filled with psychics, tarot card readers, and vendors selling everything from aura photos and crystals to palm readings.

I bought decks of  tarot cards, crystals, and had aura photos taken.

I studied Reiki I and II, and had frequent readings with psychics, healers, and channels. A shaman guided me through five past life regressions, and I took classes that promised to develop psychic skills. Online courses in the study of chakra healing and cleansing were also squeezed in.

And my shelves soon filled with books on Buddhism, angels, Taoism, and energy healing.

It was fascinating, and also overwhelming!

But does mastering spiritual information make you a more spiritual person?

I naively thought that by learning as much as I could about these tools and techniques I would become a more spiritual person. Wouldn’t mastering all that information would make me a Master?

Alas, it was not that easy!

The spiritual path has less to do with information—and more to do with transformation.

After much hard work, reading and studying, I didn’t feel much different. I realized I had learned a lot about many facets of spiritual life, but had not actually progressed myself!

There still were many regrets and bad feelings that needed to be released. I was still judging myself and others, getting angry, and was aware of places within that were hurting.

I realized then that the goal is not to master all the spiritual tools and techniques themselves, but to use them as needed to become the master of one’s self.

What exactly is the work of The Path?

The real work that was needed was to heal emotional wounds and release any negative feelings — grief, guilt, shame, resentments, fears and anger– that were making it hard for me to love.

It involves peeling away, healing, and rising above all the habits, patterns and emotional wounds of our ‘lower’ selves (the ego), such as the habits of judgment and feelings of not being good enough.

This is the real work of the spiritual path: to replace any inner negativity with love, so we can become an expression of our true divine selves.

The things outside of us, such as tarot cards, readings, and healing sessions, are only helpful when used to heal or further our journey inward. Some people don’t need them at all—it’s different for each.

This means that discovering one’s authentic self is truly a unique, personal and individual journey. And there is no one right way to go about it!

What will help you transform?

What are the right tools for you to help with your transformation?

Focus your attention on whatever you feel drawn to. That’s your soul saying, ‘Yes, this is for you!” Pay attention to guidance that comes into your path, such as books a friend mentions or a random email that ends up in your inbox advertising a special course or webinar.

Go into your heart and ask if that is meant for you. If you feel drawn to it or excited about it that is usually your soul nudging you toward it.

Some people are drawn to Reiki and other healing modalities. Some are drawn to study ancient paths. Others feel a strong resonance with toning, drumming, or crystal bowls.

It is all about discovering what helps you feel that inner connection to your Divine Self.

And the more you are able to heal wounds and clear limiting beliefs, the better you will be able to make that connection and express your Higher Self.

All We Really Need to Know

Thus, at the end of the day, you don’t need to know how to read tarot cards, know your past lives, or how to channel. They are options, not requirements.

What you do need to know is how to forgive yourself and others.

You do need to love all aspects of yourself and have compassion, love and forgiveness for everyone and all parts of life (yes, even the customer service numbers that leave you on hold for hours! 🙂 ).

What truly matters is how much you can love.

The important thing is to follow your heart, not the crowd.

So find the things that help you feel that deeper connection to your divine self. Find the things that help you heal your emotional wounds.

And then watch yourself soar!

That’s the real journey!

Find your own path and your own way. It’s the only one that matters.

As a coach, I am trained to help clear limiting beliefs, fears, and old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. Please consider a session if you feel you need help with this. I would be honored to be a part of your process.

I wish you well on your journey!


What is your biggest challenge on your spiritual path?  Please share share in the comment section below.

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